Our Wedding

In the months leading up to our engagement, I had several conversations with Cindy about getting married. Without effort, they all seemed to follow the same template and each of these conversations concluded with us agreeing to elope to save ourselves the hassle. 

And yet, less than three weeks after returning from the trip abroad on which I proposed, she asks, "So are you ready to begin planning our wedding?!"

"I figured we'd just go fill out some paperwork at some point!", I replied. 

I was wrong. 

We toiled for a few months, bouncing back and forth between everything from Las Vegas drive-thru weddings to a modern day ball at a resort-destination. Perhaps some of the most trying moments of our relationship was in finding a way to celebrate it! But eventually, we arrived upon a few key concepts: small, affordable, destination, and easy. These words look good as I type them but I cannot begin to express how difficult it can be to find a date-night destination that meets this criteria, never mind a wedding ceremony! It was during a late stretch of this futile search that we stumbled across the idea of a cruise line wedding.

Now I assure you, we shopped around! We did not decide to be wed by the Mouse out of a manipulated sense of allegiance. But even when considering all of the options we chose to sail as we did because the cruise line could offer us everything we wanted and more. We managed to get a ceremony that was no-frills and yet entirely luxurious; The private seclusion of our own deck in a vast expanse of ocean and frontier; 8 days of getting catered to and entertained and all, I must add, for less money than the most promising one day land-based wedding we had considered. 

And that is the story of how we were married aboard the Disney Wonder en route to Alaska. We got everything we wanted out of a ceremonysmall, affordable, destination, and easyand more. I dare to say I even enjoyed myself!

Thank goodness we didn't elope.



A BIG thank you to Nadia, our photographer, and Sarah, our on-board coordinator.