Welcome to Jahaungeer: a retelling of memories from travel.

Selfie at Tunnel Falls in Oregon.

Selfie at Tunnel Falls in Oregon.

This blog is the answer to an itch I've felt to return to the long-form trip report, a format I once enjoyed writing to recount experiences. Too long for Facebook and too specific for review-sites, I’ve been unable to find the right platform to share these stories on. My hope is that in collecting them here, my family and friends will have access to the moments I hold dearly and in a format that lends itself to the story of the experiences.


The purpose? To simply, clearly, and in some detail share stories from travel experiences. That is it. I do not intend to review specific amenities; I don’t intend to endorse one experience over another; I do not believe I am more-or-less qualified to speak with authority on these topics. As you will find in my self-admitted mistakes, I am not an expert at travel, or writing, or photography and I do not intend to suggest so by creating a blog featuring all three. 


All I intend to portray are stories from my travels. This blog is an opportunity for me to pause from my day-to-day living and take a moment to reflect on the experiences most unique in my life. I enjoy studying these photos of moments where I was the most humored, the most tired, the most nervous, and the most overjoyed—photos where I was in the best of company— and jot down what I can remember. It is through this way that I hope to enjoy these moments for years to come.